When Is It OK to Use High Beam Headlights?

Main beam headlights (also referred to as high beam headlights), used in the right circumstances, can make your commute feel safer and comfortable. However, main beam headlights can pose significant safety concerns when misused. Regardless of whether you are a new driver or not, you should know the proper etiquette of how and when you should use your high beams. 


Main beam headlights give you the option to obtain brighter lights when you have difficulty seeing through your windscreen at night. They are also called high beam headlights, flashers, full beam, high beam, and blinders. Most high beams are commanded by the stick control on the left side of y​​our steering wheel. Your main beam headlights illuminate a larger surface area in front of your vehicle, allowing you to see more of the road ahead of you.


When Should I Use (and Not Use) My High Beams?

If you live in a city with street lights and a decent amount of traffic, your low beam lights should be sufficient enough for you to get around at night. If you live in more rural areas or even in a poorly lit neighborhood, you're most likely going to rely on your high beams more often than not. As long as there are no other cars in your line of vision, there's no harm in turning your high beam headlights on. You just have to be mindful whenever you see a vehicle approaching you. In that case, you should switch them off quickly.

Main beam headlights are a vital supportive feature in modern cars, but there are moments when using them is deemed unsafe (or even irresponsible). Main beams are significantly more radiant than low beams. Anytime you're driving around other vehicles, you should not have them on as they can blind other motorists. 

Low beam headlights aim more towards the ground, and they're intended to boost the visibility of the road without flashing other drivers on the street. On the other hand, main beam headlights point straight forward. Another tip to remember is that you should never use high beam headlights in the snow, rain, or fog. It may seem like a good idea since high beams are supposed to make your see clearer. However, the intense light rays can bounce off the air's moisture and make it even more difficult for you to see. 


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