Steering Repair & Suspension Service in Corpus Christi, TX

Your vehicle's steering system controls the direction in which the vehicle is moving. The suspension system supports your car's weight, facilitates proper traction with the ground, and ensures stability. The suspension system comprises numerous components such as shock absorbers and coil springs, which might weaken and fail over time. Rough, erratic, and regular off-road driving might also wear down and damage the suspension components. This results in difficult and uncomfortable driving, in which case, it is time to contact TC Auto Service for help.

TC Auto Service Is Are Your Steering and Suspension Repair Experts

One common problem with the steering system emanates from your car's power steering system. This will happen when the steering pump fails and or the power steering fluids leak from cracked hoses. Thankfully, this is nothing that TC Auto Service mechanics cannot handle. Reach out our family-owned and operated shop immediately you notice any of the following signs:

  • Steering problems
  • Uncomfortable, bumpy ride
  • Excessive bouncing after your car hits a bump
  • Uneven tear wearing
  • Car rolls, nose dives, or rolls back
  • Your vehicle drifts to one side, especially when turning

We Believe in Our Work

Since our establishment in 1967, TC Auto Service has remained the first choice for all clients looking for steering and suspension repair in Corpus Christi, TX, and beyond. We have maintained a clean record throughout the years and a reputation for being the best auto repair shop across the region. Besides, our trained and certified technicians have been in the industry for over 20 years now, acquiring all the necessary skills and experience to guarantee you quality services. To prove our quality services to you, we provide a 36,000 mile warranty on all qualified repairs.

Wait In Style as We Handle All Your Suspension and Steering Issues

Whether you drive a truck, SUV, or sedan, TC Auto Service is the place to go for steering and suspension services. Our facility is equipped with up-to-date tools to guarantee precise suspension and steering maintenance and repair services. We also have an incredible customer lounge with free snacks, beverages, and Wi-Fi for your comfort and convenience. So whether you are a walk-in client or on appointment, trust that we will handle your car needs getting you back behind the wheels quickly and safely.

The condition of your car’s suspension and steering system has a huge impact on your safety, comfort, and ability to handle your car on the road. If you need steering and suspension repair in Corpus Christi, TX, look no further than TC Auto Service.