Comprehensive Car Maintenance Services in Corpus Christi

At TC Auto Service, our experienced team is fully equipped to provide our customers with the finest in car maintenance services. From engine repairs and diagnostics to general maintenance, we are always happy to provide our clients with any of the following services and more:

Engine Diagnosis

Engine Diagnostics in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

We offer a complete, accurate diagnosis of any engine problems. The cost for this service varies — it could cost nothing, though a more complex diagnosis may require a fee. Our shop offers a warranty on our diagnosis of three years or 36,000 miles.

Brake Services

Brake Services in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

We service a wide range of brake components. If your brakes are making strange noises, we can identify the cause and provide full repairs or replacements as needed. Contact us now to learn why your brakes are squeaky— they may just need some lubrication, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Electrical Systems

Electrical System in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

We service the vehicle's wiring system. This starts with the battery starter/alternator. The electrical system is the most difficult part of the vehicle— with wiring, harnesses, computers, each system in the car has its own computer. We have the expertise to be able to find the problem within the electrical system and repair the problem promptly.

Suspension & Steering

Suspension and Steering in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

We work with the components - from the springs to shock absorbers, linkages that connect to the vehicle, and even your wheels. Contact us now to learn how we can help your vehicle maintain good handling for quality and safety.

Battery Testing and Replacement

Battery Testing in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

We have all the tools needed to test your battery, allowing us to determine if you need a replacement. More importantly, we can identify when the problem isn't your battery, allowing us save you money with more affordable repairs when a full replacement is unnecessary.

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Team in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

Your AC and heating system has at least five main components that may need to be serviced. From keeping up Freon levels to helping to ensure that air pressure is maintained, we love helping our customers stay comfortable in all temperatures.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Technician in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

There are many major milestones for a vehicle that require maintenance. This includes oil changes every 3,000-5,000 miles. Reach out to us now for lube and filter services from professionals with years of experience, as well as a variety of other maintenance services. From greasing your suspension to flushing coolant, we will help keep your vehicle running perfectly.

Oil Changes

Driving in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

Oil changes are recommended every 3,000-5,000 miles depending on the car. Regular oil and synthetic oil are both usable; however, we promote synthetic oil. It's better for most cars as synthetic molecules get a better coating on your engine before start-up. Synthetic oil also lets you go a little longer between oil changes.


Mechanic in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

From auto-body cleaning to air intake portioning, we can help with all your vehicular tune up needs. We will look at the spark plugs as well, making sure that your vehicle is always fully operational. We look at the mass airflow sensor - which monitors the airflow coming through the air intake.

State Inspections

Jeep in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

We will do a safety inspection on any vehicle. We follow a checklist in order to provide an inspection sticker. Our professionals check the horn, wipers, mirrors, brake system, seatbelts, and tires.

Transmission Services

Customer service in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

We check the transmission to make sure everything is running and working properly. We make sure it's shifting properly. It's a lot like replacing the engine oil - we check the transmission fluid, as well. Transmission fluid helps the transmission last longer. Reach out to us now to learn more.

Shuttle Service

Thumbs Up in Corpus Christi | TC Auto Service

We offer shuttle service in the mornings. We also offer drop-offs and pick-ups: meaning our elderly customers or customers with mobility concerns will always be cared for. We can pick up the vehicle, work on it the next day, and then bring it back once it's fixed. Customers can give us a credit card number or, in the near future, there will be a link on our website for customers to pay for their service directly.

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