What Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Should You Follow?

The topic of vehicle maintenance is a precarious one. Everyone has an opinion on which is the best vehicle maintenance schedule. Unfortunately, most have their merits but make it difficult to choose which vehicle maintenance schedule to follow. The following are the vehicle maintenance factors to consider to choose the schedule to follow:

Miles Over Time

The most popular vehicle maintenance schedule says you should take your car in for service every 30,000 miles. However, the amount of time a car takes to cover that distance depends on its usage.

The fact is that cars will undergo different types and levels of damage even when they travel the same distance or for the same period. Vehicle components will also experience varying wear and tear levels.

It is hence vital to come up with a conservative estimate of the distance necessary for routine maintenance. The mechanic will also help you come up with one.


Most vehicles have a warranty which determines how often you should perform routine service of a vehicle. Moreover, the warranty will be void if you surpass the time allocation hence you should follow its recommendations.

It may seem like car manufacturers want you to perform more services than necessary. However, their recommendation could help you keep the car in optimal shape.


The best approach for a vehicle's routine maintenance is to be proactive. Evaluate your driving habits paired with the state of the car's components to determine how often it requires service.

If you exercise your judgment and determine your vehicle needs maintenance, then do it. Preventive maintenance particularly requires proactivity and foresight as you cannot know when the car will break down.
There isn't a single maintenance schedule to follow. The key is to be proactive and determine what the car needs. For vehicle maintenance, please bring your vehicle to TC Auto Service today!