What Does the Power Steering System Warning Light Mean?

Power steering has been around for decades, and it was invented to take the hard work out of driving. Original power steering systems relied heavily on the use of hydraulic pumps to move the fluid towards the wheel for easy management. Now, with electrical systems in full use, power steering has become far more common and much more affordable than older versions.

An electrical system of any kind comes with its own quirks, and most are connected electronically in your vehicle. Electronic power steering is much more efficient and runs quieter than the old system, which makes your driving easier and more efficient. And like other electrical systems in your car, they are connected to a light on your dashboard that comes on and lets you know when something needs attention.

In a hydraulic system, your vehicle's warning light typically indicates that you are low on power steering fluid and that a top-off is needed. You may need to get your system checked for a possible leak if this continues to be an issue after adding more fluid. Your power steering will disable and make driving more difficult, so getting it fixed right away is necessary.

Electrical power steering systems use no fluid, so a top off is not an issue when the warning light comes on. In most cases, a simple technical glitch in the computer system may be the culprit, so a simple reboot is in order. All you need to do is turn off your engine, then restart it so the light can reset. In most cases, it should come back on, and this only indicates that it may have thought it suspected a problem due to a mistake in the computer system. But if the problem continues, an inspection of your power steering system should be done as soon as possible.

Driving without power steering poses a high. In fact, lack of power steering is one of the leading causes of crashes as the driver loses control of the wheel. Getting an inspection before a quote is easy. If you see these signs and need power steering repair, give our shop a call today!