What Are The Common Signs Of Worn Shocks and Struts?

Shocks and struts are effective in stabilizing your vehicle while driving. Letting these critical parts become worn out will not only make your ride bumpier and rougher, but it may also put you in a hazardous situation! Knowing to diagnose your shocks and struts is fundamental; continue reading to find out how to identify aging shocks or struts.


How Long Do Shocks And Struts Last?

Under standard driving conditions, you will get approximately 75,000-90,000 miles of use before having to replace your shocks or struts. If you use your vehicle on unpaved or rough roads often, you may have to change them out sooner.


What are the Top Signs of Worn Out Shocks/Struts?

  1. Car Veering Left or Right - If your car is sliding in different directions and you need to correct it constantly to drive straight, then it is time to make a trip to the auto repair shop.
  2. Uneven Wear on Tires - When your shocks and struts are wearing thin, they will cause your tires to wear unevenly. Inspecting your tire pattern is a quick and easy way to check for worn shocks and struts.
  3. Frequent Vibrations - It is not uncommon for your vehicle to vibrate or shake on bumpy roads or speed bumps. However, if it occurs on an even surface, then you probably need suspension repair.
  4. Delayed Brake Time - If your vehicle takes more time to come to a complete stop, it may be more than just a brake problem. Ineffective shocks or struts can cause an increase in brake time by up to 20%. It is best to have your suspension system inspected by a professional.
  5. Rear-End of Vehicle Dips - If your vehicle's front end and back end look imbalanced, then it may have worn shocks. This usually is more noticeable whenever you're accelerating.
  6. Fluid Leaks Near Shocks And Struts - If you start to notice random puddles near your shocks and struts. Any type of fluid leak is a cause for concern.


If your vehicle displays any of these warning signs of shock or strut wear, we invite you to bring your vehicle into TC Auto Service! Your safety is our number one priority.