Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to increase your fuel efficiency? With the prices of gas these days, you want to save as much as possible. Read on below on how to increase it and save money on gas.


Make sure your tires are inflated

Keep your tires properly inflated. This is especially important with winter tires and summer tires. Properly inflated tires can improve fuel efficiency by 3% to 5%.

Don't drive too fast

This can increase the amount of air that must be pushed out of the way, which increases drag. Besides, speeding can get you an unwanted ticket that you'll have to pay. With that said, it's better that you don't speed, for the sake of gas and truly your wallet.

Instead, drive at a steady speed

Drive at a steady speed in the right lane, so that you're not constantly accelerating into traffic jams or braking after passing other cars. Of course, you can't help it if you live in a city, but try your best!

Cruise Control

When driving on the highway, try to use cruise control if you can. It's better for your car and less taxing! You'll be able to increase fuel efficiency this way because you're at a steady speed and not constantly braking!

Clear out the clutter

Keeping your car clean of clutter (extra weight) will help it preserve gas. Of course, you should have an emergency kit in the car and a few essential items. Otherwise, the other stuff truly doesn't need to be in there!

Regular maintenance

Did you know that if you perform regular maintenance on the car, it'll help your fuel efficiency? This means check your air filters, spark plugs and more to see if they need to be replaced. Sometimes, one of these can truly cause your car to be worse on gas mileage.

Don't idle unless it's necessary

Not only is it bad for the environment, but idling can, of course, make the gas mileage worse. If you truly need to wait somewhere or waiting for someone, you'll save 80% pollution by turning off the vehicle and of course your gas!