Signs That It's Time for a New Clutch

The clutch is the part of your vehicle that regulates the way the power distributes. It controls the amount of power that the engine is putting into the vehicle and also how that power is disseminated among the four wheels. You may not spend a lot of time thinking about the clutch, but it's important to know when it is in need of repairs. Here are a few such signs.

#1: Slipping Gears

If your vehicle always seems to be slipping out of gear, or if the car feels like it lurches forward or jerks around, the clutch may be worn down and in need of replacement. However, that is not the only cause of these feelings in the vehicle. Your engine oil might also be leaking onto the clutch plate, which makes it slippery.

#2: A Burning Smell

If you smell like paper is burning somewhere nearby, that's also a sign that the clutch is in need of replacement. The smell will most likely occur when you are going in and out of traffic and the clutch is being used a lot. It's important to take your vehicle in and get the clutch checked if you notice that smell.

#3: Hard To Push

If the clutch gets hard to depress and offers you more resistance than it used to, it might need to be adjusted. If you don't have any pressure on it at all, it may need to be completely replaced. If you notice a change, even a small one, have it inspected so you can ward off larger issues that might occur down the road.

Clutch issues are warning signs and if you ignore those signs, you could have a lot more trouble with your transmission--something no driver wants. If you notice any of the above signs, you should take the vehicle in for an inspection. If it turns out that you need clutch repair or replacement, we can give you an estimate and help you get that done quickly and efficiently so you don't have to worry about further transmission issues that would end up costing more.