What is a Cooling System Flush?

A cooling system flush or a coolant flush preserves a vehicle's health and can restore function to the engine's tempering agents. The process involves removing dirt rust and sludge from the vehicle's cooling system. It also involves inspecting various parts for deterioration are the symptoms of deterioration of the system. A coolant flush empties out all used coolant material from the radiator and replaces it with a new coolant. This is a cheaper alternative to an engine repair or an engine replacement which could cost you thousands.

Do you Need a Coolant Flush?

Vehicles performance is often a good indicator of the need for a coolant flush. There are a few things to look at. Here are some indicators that it may be time for a coolant flush.

Overheating -overheating overheating is a sign of the excess heat within the car's engine full stop this means that the engine is lacking access to the heat balance provided by

Maple syrup car smell- if the smell of your car's engine remind you of sweet maple syrup then it's time for a coolant flush. This is caused by the ethylene glycol found in antifreeze. This smell is a good indicator that a coolant flush is due.

King leaking fluid- if your vehicle's antifreeze is leaking there will be a noticeable blue or orange liquid leaking from under your car's Hood. The lack of normal coolant levels will need to your vehicle overheating.

How Often is a Coolant Flush Needed?

It is very important that you maintain your car's cooling system as much as you maintain other parts of your vehicle. It is recommended that a coolant flush be done at least once a year in order to keep your car's cooling system productive and in shape.

A cooling system flush can be compared to a body detox. It clears the body of all toxins and leave the digestive system working well. This is exactly what a cooling system flush and does for a car's engine.

A cooling system flush is necessary for your car's overall performance. So, if you need a cooling system flush we invite you to bring your vehicle to TC Auto Service today!